Les Boudoirs

Let Your Lingerie Do The Talking

The store’s concept is an environment in which a woman would feel comfortable, not pressured and always ‘at ease’ while enjoying a luxurious lingerie shopping experience.

Project Brief

Create luxurious and detail-oriented marketing collateral, website, marketing copy, social media, and advertising content. We created a style guide with two simple yet elegant key elements, metallic gold and eggplant purple. Inspired by the Renaissance period and European décor. We designed an overall theme for Les Boudoirs that consisted of gold foil stamp letter embossed print, textured eggplant paper, gold rope and fringe accents, European textile patterns and dark elegant accent colors. The main font used is an elegant serif typeface with a complimentary long, tall and easy to read san serif typeface.


Identity Creation, Art Direction, Digital Strategy, UI/UX Design, Branding, Web Design / Web, Development, Print Design, Logo Creation, Label Design, Packaging, Illustration, Marketing / Promotion materials, Point of Sale Material, Copywriting

Color Pallet

RGB: 36 3 58
CMYK: 88 100 31 43
Hex: #24033a

RGB: 130 36 227
CMYK: 59 76 0 0
Hex: #8224e3

RGB: 162 96 206
CMYK: 36 57 0 0
Hex: #a260ce

RGB: 193 15 178
CMYK: 30 85 0 0
Hex: #c10fb2

RGB: 222 180 0
CMYK: 12 22 100 0
Hex: #deb400

Hex: #d1b28e
Hex: #cd9971