Wyoming Mining

Pioneering Digital Frontiers

Wyoming Mining is laser focused on lowering costs and the barriers to becoming a successful miner.

Project Brief

Create simplified branding that encompases crypto currency, banking and law. This identity creation project featured web design, digital branding strategy, art direction, custom Ecommerce product building, business creation, document signing and more. We used a blue and green color palette complimented by strong font choices to help resonate strength and technology. We used simplified illustrations and step by step sections to help breakdown how the service works, presenting the onboarding experience as easy. We made the onboarding process seamless by combining the crypto mining process and starting a business in Wyoming in a series of actions. It starts with purchasing thru Ecommerce, signing business creation documents and setting up mining software all thru a series of secure steps via web forms and emails.


Art Direction, UI/UX Design, Branding, Web Design / Web, Development, Print Design, Logo Creation, Illustration

Color Pallet

RGB: 0 32 43
CMYK: 90 70 58 68
Hex: #00202B

RGB: 24 74 87
CMYK: 91 59 50 34
Hex: #184A57

RGB: 3 113 112
CMYK: 88 37 54 15
Hex: #037170

RGB: 34 181 115
CMYK: 76 0 75 0
Hex: #22B573

Hex: #00202B
Hex: #037170